Why Designer Perfumes?

Why Designer Perfumes?

The majority of known perfumes and fragrances are designer. This means that the same designers who create pieces of clothing that are modeled on the runway, also create amazing scent blends that usually align with the tone of the brand. Most clothing designers have perfumes. For some it’s just an extra product they provide to their customers and for others it represents something bigger. 

Designer perfumes are created to appeal to the masses. Unlike niche fragrances, who can go off the route since its clients are open to explore with scents, designer perfumes are created to appeal to the masses. The creators need to know that the scent is a safe bet that will bring all the profit planned. That is also where the marketing aspect of it comes, but that’s another article

The top reasons why designers create fragrances are because:

  • Capture the low and middle end market: not everyone can afford designer clothes. In fact, in 2020 the value of the fast fashion market was $31.4 billion. However, this does not mean that people don’t like or want these items. But the high ticket of the clothes and accessories make the access of these products very exclusive. So for those who still want to buy into the dream of owning a product from one of these well-known brands, they have perfumes. Maybe you can't buy a $4,500 Christian Dior bag, but you can definitely get a Dior perfume. 

The reality is that the perfume industry is huge and retains a majority of its clients. People who have chosen a signature perfume will most likely spend years buying the same fragrance. This creates a type of loyalty that is very rare and can only be achieved through very personal things like one’s scent.

Every day there are more and more scents coming into the market which can only bring a lot of joy to fragrances lovers like ourselves. Seeing how scents stay or shift over time is something incredible and something we are grateful to experience. 

Are designer fragrances your favorites? Do you consider the qualification of  a niche, indie or designer fragrance when buying a new perfume?

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