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You can contact us here.

Do you want to get information about the shipping process?

Your orders are delivered to cargo within an average of 5 business days following your payment information.

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Do you want to revise or cancel your order?

For your changes and cancellation requests regarding your orders, you can send revisions to infos@ulricdevarensusa.com by stating your order number and the reason for return/change. Changes cannot be made to orders whose shipping process has already started.

Do you want to learn how to access the information necessary for order tracking?

When your order is shipped, your shipment tracking number will be displayed in the order information section.

You placed an order but your cargo did not arrive?

You can track your shipment from the relevant cargo company using your tracking number.

Do you want delivery to an address other than the billing address?

When you create your order, invoice and delivery address options are provided. If you wish, you can enter your delivery address differently than your billing address.