Explained: All Different Fragrance Concentrations

Explained: All Different Fragrance Concentrations

If you’re new to buying perfume, recently tried to get a new bottle of a nice smelling scent but then got confused by all the terminology or you just want to know a bit more in depth about the different concentrations of perfumes, then this article is for you!

Keep in mind that when we talk about perfume concentrations or concentration of oils we mean the ingredients. Perfume ingredients are mostly oils from the products used like flowers, fruits, and all other elements. Then this blend of ingredients is mixed with alcohol to create the actual perfume fragrance. The alcohol acts as a carrier of the oil, which then evaporates when it comes in contact with the skin and leaves the only mixture of ingredients to do the job of making you smell amazing. As you will see, some perfumes have more of this blend and some have less. That is what we will be discussing today.

There are 6 different types of perfume concentrations:


-Eau de parfum

-Eau de Toilette

-Eau de Cologne

-Eau de Fraiche

-Aftershave & Splashes

All of these have different levels of intensity (concentration), different price points, and different settings for them to be worn at. We are going to start with the highest concentration of all:


At a whopping 20-40% concentration of oils, parfum smells the most intense, has the greatest longevity and is usually the most expensive out of all. It’s not as frequently worn as the next types for the reasons mentioned above. First, it might be too intense for everyday wear which may be off putting for a lot of people. Especially someone who uses it, for example, for their office job. A smell too strong might be off putting to the rest of the people around so most people opt for a lighter fragrance for daily wear. Secondly, because of its price. Most people aim for a more affordable scent for daily wear like Eau De Toilette and reserve parfum for special occasions. 

Eau De Parfum

It has 15-20% concentration of oils and it has great longevity. It is not as intense as parfum but don’t underestimate it! It’s great for all day wear of intense perfumes. It’s also a great option for special occasions without it being as expensive as parfum. It has a high concentration that will last long throughout the day. Some people may prefer this as their chosen daily fragrance if they use a lighter scent that needs to be kept powerfully throughout the day.

Eau De Toilette

Really nasty if you translate it literally! However, eau de toilette is one of the most worn and loved fragrance concentrations for everyday life. It has 5-15% of oils which makes it a light fragrance that lasts enough but do not underestimate it because it gives off enough scent and people around you will notice. It’s perfect for the daytime, the office, running errands, etc. It has a mid price point which will most likely not need you to break the bank which is another plus for everyday use. (Honestly you can wear whatever fragrance in whatever way you want. This is just a guide for those who are unsure😉) 

Eau De Cologne

Having a concentration between 2-4%, some people say eau de cologne used to be used as an after shave. This is the reason a lot of people believe that cologne is for men and parfum for women. But this is not the case. Both concentrations can be worn by any gender and you can read all about it here. Because of the low concentration, it also has a more affordable price point than all of the above. This is a light scent that you will probably need to reapply only a couple of times throughout the day if your plan is to wear it all day long. It's great to use as a refresher fragrance right before going out to run a quick errand or going to the gym along with Eau De Fraiche. 

Eau De Fraiche

 At 1-3% it has the lowest concentration of all in bottle-of-perfume form. It’s very light and will probably not last longer than a couple of hours. However, this does not mean it’s bad. Like everything, it has its time and place. Like mentioned above, it’s a really good option for people who love to wear perfume to the gym (read and let us know what you think about that endless dilemma here), going for a walk or if you can’t tolerate strong scents! It’s light, lasts a short amount of time and will not drain your nose. 

Sprays & Splashes

Some people would not consider them as actual fragrances but we included them here because we know that very often they are used in this way. They have a low concentration of 1-2% and will not last a long time at all. They definitely will need to be reapplied every hour to hour and half as the scent leaves. It’s widely used by teenagers and young adults who like these types of scents (usually very sweet and fresh) and who have not committed to an actual perfume yet. Personally, I love using splashes for the beach where I only need it for the first thirty minutes before I get in the water and all the fragrance is washed off by the sea. But back in high school some of the Bath And Body Works and Victoria’s Secret Pink splashes were definitely signature fragrances for me.  

We hope that out of this you get that just because something has a low concentration it does not mean it’s bad. Not at all. Everything has its time and place and all the different concentration categories of fragrances exist and are there for a reason. And even though we gave an idea on how to wear each one, at the end it’s up to you, your tastes in fragrances’ intensity and the PH of your skin which will decide which concentrations will be the best for you on each occasion. 

Also, keep in mind that while most of the time the prices range up and down with the concentration, this is different for every brand and their specific price point. Some eau de parfums in one brand may be less expensive than another brand’s eau de fraiche. Our products are the perfect example! Most of our fragrances are eau de parfum and eau de toilette and are incredibly affordable. Remember that when you pay for a product, you are paying for the brand name

We hope this article was of help:)! Let us know how you wear each of these concentrations and what your favorite is!

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I love wearing eau de parfum for everyday. I put it in the morning and it lasts me until I get home at night.


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