Should You Wear Perfume To The Gym?

Should You Wear Perfume To The Gym?

Just to set the record straight, if you’re gonna spray perfume to mask the scent of your sweat, please just shower. 

Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s discuss the endless dilemma of if you should use perfumes for the gym or not. 

Some people strongly disagree, others agree. But the reality is that everything is not so black and white. There is a lot of gray area in this particular subject. 

Some of the arguments against wearing a fragrance are that:

  • It’s too strong
  • The strong smell will bother other people at the gym
  • The scent intensifies as you work out and sweat
  • Sweat mixed with perfume is not that good of an idea

And the arguments towards wearing a fragrance to the gym are:

  • People like to smell good even at the gym
  • Makes them more confident, less self conscious and feel better overall

So from all of those arguments and after hearing a lot of people’s thoughts and opinions, we decided that it depends on a few factors and varies from person to person.

First, define what kind of sweater you are. Not the long sleeves type. Define how you sweat. Do you sweat heavy or light? Do you go to the gym to do crazy HIIT or cardio or do you take it easy? 

The amount of sweat, how it usually smells and the temperature your body reaches will heavily define if and what kind of perfume you should wear. 

Someone said that a lot of people around may not like the scent of the perfume, so it’s better to just not wear any. Even though we think that you should wear perfumes for yourself to feel better and boost your self confidence, do be aware of the effect it can cause on the people around you. Especially if it's a negative one. So be mindful. Wear perfume for yourself but also keep it light so as to not bother the people around you. 

We recommend using a refreshing, citrus, aquatic or light floral scent. This will help to keep you feeling fresh during your workout and it’s not too overpowering to the point where people around you are getting annoyed by the strong scent.  Try not to use anything too sweet, musky or overall strong since like mentioned above, it will intensify during your workout and become too muscular (pun intended).

So if you do wear perfume to work out try to keep it around 2 sprays max. This will be more than enough for the sesh. It’s also recommended to use eau de fraiche, eau de cologne or sprays/mists. They are light enough where they will give you a sheer touch of a nice aroma without it being too much. We recommend also giving a try to our body spray deos, for men and women. They are the perfect workout scent that along with your unscented anti perspirant deodorant will help you keep the BO on the low, while also giving you a hint of fragrance. 

In conclusion, wear a light, fresh eau de cologne, fraiche or deo that will do the job of giving you a nice scent while not overpowering the gym.

Do you wear perfume for the gym? 

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